In this blog I hope to present you with clever, well-produced, interesting or novel explanation videos with the aim of introducing them with a wider audience.

What is an explanation video?
An explanation video is a short video (generally 60-180 second) designed to introduce a new product or service. They are particularly popular with silicon valley startups or any company looking to introduce a new, or difficult, concept to their audience.
Many different techniques are used to produce these videos but a common format is to use classic or stop-motion animation to emphasise the main points made by a narrator. In many ways, an Explanation Video is simply a natural evolution of the “PowerPoint” presentation and will often follow a similar structure:

  1. Introduce a problem
  2. Demonstrate how the company’s new product/service addresses that problem
  3. Summarise and conclude with a call to action

Why start this blog?

I recently had the task of producing an Explanation Video for a new price calculation product that I’ve been working on for the insurance industry. Due to its niche nature, and the specific role it plays within the pricing process, our team soon realised that an Explanation Video would be the ideal way of informing potential customers of the product’s main value proposition. Due to our tight deadline and budget for this endeavour we decided to produce it in-house. If you’re interested in seeing the result, here it is:

I hope this blog will become a useful resource for others looking to make their own explanation videos, have one professionally produced, or simply looking for inspiration and to learn a few basic animation techniques from videos that others have created. In short, this is the site I would have found useful when I first started to explore the subject.


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