Grumo Media

Shortly after describing my experience drafting a script for my first explanation video, I stumbled upon an excellent article by Grumo media which describes their video production process in detail, presented as a How-To guide. The article contains invaluable advice such as the importance of finalising the script, storyboards and list of assets prior to beginning animation, and pragmatic tips like using a blanket and iPhone microphone to record the voiceover as a low-budget alternative to using professional studio equipment. When I recorded the audio for my video I stood in the centre of the most furnished room of my house and used the iPad’s built-in microphone, but despite my best efforts a faint but perceptible echo can still be heard on the final video.

Below is an example of a video produced by Grumo Media. The animation has an exceptionally polished feel and the video did such a good job in explaining the PadMapper service that by the end, I felt fully conversant with its user interface and fully confident that, should I need to, I could use it to locate the perfect apartment.

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