Reel Clever

Reel Clever help to connect filmmakers with businesses looking to produce a film. They have posted about their experiences creating an explanation video, which uses the whiteboard scribing style to promote their service.

In addition to talking about their process and tools they have some excellent advice on writing the narration and accompanying images including “ensuring that each line [of the script] was relevant and captivating.” and that you shouldn’t “over analyze [the images], keep it simple. Its the obvious connection between the narration and imagery that give these videos their punctuality”

Overall I think their finished video is really good but, if I had to be critical, i felt the lighting was a little uneven which resulted in poor contrast in the drawings, and there was an occasional distracting shadow cast across the whiteboard. Also, the camera would have been better placed to ensure that the artist’s head stayed out of shot as, again this caused a distraction as it occasionally flickered into view. My final minor criticism is that the editing on one scene caused the artist’s hand to linger, freeze-framed, in shot. I felt that this destroyed the illusion that the images were being drawn in accelerated real-time and provided an unwelcome glimpse behind the curtain, exposing the mechanics of the editing process. But aside from these minor criticisms, overall the video’s message is clearly presented and the drawings are clearly drawn and serve well to embody the ideas presented by the narrator.
I would definitely check out their full post describing the making of their film and their website is worth a look also.

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