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Every force in nature

I briefly considered not including this particular video since it doesn’t really match my definition of an explanation video. At over five minutes long, this video is more than twice as long as others I’ve posted and has been created … Continue reading

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Simple, yet engaging

An engaging animation produced by one of the masters of this medium, Epipheo Studios, who excel at presenting complex ideas within a simple narrative. The animation successfully manages to incorporate humorous touches at appropriate times, in a way that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Creating an Animation: Part 1 – Tools

I thought it would be interesting to share my experiences and chosen tools used to create my first (and only!) animation. I stumbled upon Paper for the iPad around the time that it was starting to look like, if we … Continue reading

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Whiteboard Scribing Style

TruScribe seem to be one of the pioneers of the whiteboard scribing style. Here, an existing audio track is enhanced using hand-drawn images on a whiteboard, filmed using a static camera. It’s interesting to see how the images really help … Continue reading

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Introducing Graphene

This video created by SimpleShow for Cambridge University introduces Graphene using an effective technique of manipulating still images using a pair of live action hands.

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In this blog I hope to present you with clever, well-produced, interesting or novel explanation videos with the aim of introducing them with a wider audience. What is an explanation video? An explanation video is a short video (generally 60-120 … Continue reading

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